Day 11 – 6 March – Life’s a beach at last and we get bikes

At last it’s begun to warm up. The morning walk on the beach was the first without a sweatshirt and sitting in the sun over the lunchtime was pleasant on so many levels. It’s part of the reason we’re here. Funnily enough, there were less people on the beach today but we suspected that it was a change day, with people leaving and new arrivals not yet in evidence. With the sun a new initiative and we rented bikes. They are a bit like bone-shakers and I’m a little embarrassed by the rusty basket on the front but it’s not removable so I’ll just make certain that I’m not seen with flowers in it. But they are well-maintained and more than good enough. We tried them out and cycled down to the lighthouse and back. It was still a bit chilly in the wind so we left it at that. The owners on the condo we’re renting recommended a place called Traders for dinner so we thought to try it. The deal here appears to be that no one takes bookings so you pitch up and wait, as I mentioned before. The cycling meant that we had missed the main dinner rush-hour, which occurs between 4.45 and 6.15pm. So we duly pitched up at Traders and the greeter asked if we had made a reservation.

‘We thought no one accepted reservations here.’

‘Oh, we do – we are the best on the island so we’re always busy.’

‘Well, can we have a table?’

‘You’ll have to wait; we can seat you at 8.45.’

‘What? That’s in two-and-a-half hours.’

‘I know, but we are the best.’

We ended up having fish at The Timbers, where we’d eaten several times before and which was, you know, not the best but OK. The reception area has lots of photos of the owner with his arm around the shoulder of famous people; actors and sportsmen. They are clearly getting younger as he gets older and it’s a boring montage.

I still don’t know why he hasn’t asked to be photographed with me; maybe it’s an age thing.


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