Take off your sunglasses, Willi

I think the world is getting crazier but I love eccentricities, especially when the people displaying them are just dumb. So today it’s been eye-watering to read about the two women who tried to walk a dead guy onto an aircraft at Liverpool. The women – the step-daughter and wife of the corpse – are German but living in a town called Oldham, which is several miles from Liverpool. They claim that he was alive when they left for the airport in a specially rented limousine [yeah, I believe that was necessary] but asleep when they tried to check in. The guys at the car-hire firm are saying nothing as it was apparently a big sale; I wonder if they helped the sleeping Willi into the back seat?

Willi, who was 91 when he started his journey, had sunglasses on while they propped him up between them and apparently didn’t answer any questions from the check-in staff because he was a German national and didn’t speak English. Don’t you love this? Suspicions were aroused when he ignored requests to remove his sunglasses.

The police were called and arrested the live members of the party, who protested that they hadn’t killed anyone as they were hauled off to jail. I guess Willi went to the morgue, still looking pale and still in his sunglasses.

Who needs Comedy Central when you have this?


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