The end of summer

Bitter sweet in Sweden this week. The wonderful, hot sunny days have been replaced with cooler, windier weather and rain showers. Last week it was 25C, still and sunny but now we’re down to 15C and the winds are gusty, making it feel a lot cooler. There’s still some sunny intervals but Sten next door had a buzz-cut a few days ago and clearly regrets it now as he has his first fire of the season. So time for a trip back to England.

Autumn means migration here and we have already had the start; swallows and pipits starting to move south-west overhead, waders calling at night and, suddenly, stretched flocks of gulls meandering lazily towards the local lakes to roost in the early evening. We’ve had young Thrush Nightingales in the garden all week too, nosing around us curiously as we’ve had coffee on the deck. It’s an evocative time when the sky over the garden and valley fills with flocks of birds, all seemingly moving in the same direction. The momentum will build up over the next few weeks so I’ll be back to indulge in the rush.

Western Harbour Ystad

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