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Tenerife; why is the coffee so bad?

Like most places on the island the coffee in the hotel was unpalatable. I don’t mean ‘not good’ or ‘it was alright’ and nor do I mean ‘could have been better’. It was simply undrinkable. Mission Control thinks I get … Continue reading

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Tenerife; searching for a soul and finding a few surprises

A few days in Tenerife and it didn’t fail to live up to expectations. If, like me, you believe that travelling to foreign climes is about immersion in another culture, experiencing local character or enjoying cuisine and places that are … Continue reading

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Tenerife; time-shares for all and bananas

Autumn breaks are a double-edged sword. On the one hand places are often less crowded, kids are still in school and the drunken revellers are at home, their sights set on Christmas lunches. On the other hand, however, if one … Continue reading

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Don Draper – are you mad?

The weather outside is frightful – well, in this part of England it is; strong winds, low temperatures, driving rain. These are dark days made for staying warm, enjoying big soups and good books; for taking the time to listen … Continue reading

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I’m Swedish and I shoot immigrants

Even though I’m in England just now it’s been hard to avoid noticing stuff happening in Sweden. Last week was all about individual protest against society and crystallised in two events. In the north the small town of Ytterhogdal received … Continue reading

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