The Studio

Spending time in our part of Sweden is often inspirational so I’m about to start building a studio for myself halfway down the garden. I’m at an early stage and, having committed to do it, I’m only now sketching ideas. The design is not yet in place but I will keep it in line with my principles so everything will be locally sourced, of natural or sustainable materials and as green as I can make it. Perhaps it’ll have a planted roof.           

Thus far I’m thinking it will be one open space, with a working area, an office/sitting area and a gallery wall. There will also be a small terrace that will open up to the garden as the creative process needs a cold beer on summer afternoons. The small garden, just behind but adjacent to the house, is surrounded by trees and is very sheltered. It is also nearly a metre higher than the larger, rear garden so I’ll plan the entrance through the trees with a raised boardwalk or bridge. This will mean that the studio floor will be higher than the surrounding area and higher into the existing trees.  And just for fun and my amusement I’ll set out a record of progress in these pages. Thus far, the area is cleared and a lot of rubbish and debris left by a previous owner removed. The site for the studio below mature trees means that the building will be shoehorned into place but that, of course, gives further possibilities.     

The pics here show the site as it is now.  
I’ll be building this myself so any casual reader should not expect weekly progress reports. After all, labours of love are richer for the time one spends on them, no? Let’s see what shows up. 

Studio site looking back from the garden to where the terrace will be located.



Studio site looking south. The terrace will face towards the stone and screen.

Studio site looking south. The terrace will face towards the stone and screen.














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